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This is a space for me to experiment and host my projects. If you have any suggestions, tell me!
Also, check out that sweet vector image on the left!

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Social media

Say hi to me on Mastodon, check me out on Github, and here's my LinkedIn!


I created a VR Periodic Table for my Genius Hour project!

You can check the VR Periodic Table out here. (Use a VR headset for the best viewing experience)


Megan, Richard, & I participated in a hackathon!

Click here for the meme generator, Meme Me! (Requires a webcam)

About me

I graduated with a bachelors in Computer Science in 2023 and enjoy programming as a hobby. It's fun to work your way through issues you will inevitably encounter and learn something new in the process!

Selfie of the website creator, Nick Cipriani with bright blue dyed hair and blue glasses, holding a Pixel 6 Pro with a blue case and a blue Christmas themed PopSocket magnetically attached.
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