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This is a space for me to experiment and host my projects. If you have any suggestions, tell me!
Also, check out that sweet vector image on the left!

Stuff to check out


Social media

Here's my Github, and here's my LinkedIn!


I created a VR Periodic Table for my Genius Hour project!

You can check the VR Periodic Table out here. (Use a VR headset for the best viewing experience)


Megan, Richard, & I participated in a hackathon!

Click here for the meme generator, Meme Me! (Requires a webcam)

About me

I'm a 3rd year Computer Science major and enjoy programming in my free time. It's fun to work your way through issues you will inevitably encounter and learn something new in the process! I am also pursuing minors in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.

A game of Rock Paper Scissors


A list of suggestions received that are planned, and some explanations.


Think of more to-do's
Add as many features as possible to the RPS game
Make a minigame
Add as many MD components as possible!

Think of more to-do's

I'm always looking for ways to improve the site and fun projects to build. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear about them!

Add as many features as possible to the RPS game

Currently planned: a score counter, re-adding theme changing to whole page, loading animation (✓), and a mute button (✓)!

Make a minigame

Create a fun little experiment to pass the time. Thanks for the suggestion Kalyani!

Add as many MD components as possible!

Ever heard of Material Design? It's a set of guidelines created by Google to make a design language that is versatile and looks good on all platforms, from watches to cars and everything between! This site uses MD and many of it's components such as the toolbar at the top and the shadows under the cards. One thing I have in mind is adding a floating action button to submit a suggestion from anywhere on the site! Doesn't that sound fancy?